Tropical Leaves

Hey. I'm Kendra.

Welcome to the Happy to Be Here website!

This is a portal where you will find magic, astrology, art, tarot, love notes, poetry, travels, memories, stories, soul-crafted recipes for being human and ultimately- connection. It is my hope that through my offerings and vulnerability, you feel a bit more ease in your human experience, knowing that you are truly never alone.

Happy to Be Here is something I started saying while going through a tumultuous period of my life. It was the truest answer I could muster when people would ask, "how are you?". Through it all- the good the bad, the weird, the miraculous- I am just happy to be here. On Earth. On this time line. With myself.

H.T.B.H. brings me back to the present moment, evoking a similar feeling as "Be Here Now", as our beloved Ram Das taught. Maybe it's all my Sagittarius placements that provide this eternal optimism, or maybe it is the layers of existence that I have peeled back, and will continue to peel back, that expose the truth of the human experience to me. That we, flesh of the cosmos reincarnated, are here now, for a limited amount of time... That there is nothing to do and no where to be, but exactly who we are, in all of our humanity. On the hardest days, where the walls of my world are crashing down, my heart is on fire and my soul feels empty, all it takes is for the sunlight to shimmer through the leaves of a tree just right, to bring me back to my essence of gratitude and wonder, realizing that at the end of the day, I am just Happy to Be Here.

& I am happy you are too.

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