Rebel Rebel: F*cking the System is an Inside Job

Want to fuck the system and don't know where to start? Here's a quick guide to revolutionary and rebellious action that will stick it to the man, but in a holistic way.

It's 2021 and the effects of living in a captialistic, patriarchal, colonized world are really showing their ugly faces, aren't they? Maybe you are as angry as I am, maybe you're just finding out that you're mad, or maybe this is the thousandth blog post you've read about shit like this because you're longing for a community to band together with, and burn it all to the ground. Well, we aren't going to literally burn it all to the ground, at least not today- I'm going for a more metaphorical burn here. In a world where it seems like the only way to make a change is through rallies, Instagram posts and donating to important causes, I am personally feeling like I am just not hitting the mark.

There's something missing in my personal revolution. After my daily morning meditation the other day, I was looking at myself in the mirror. For the past year I have spiraled into a place of hating my body. It's changed on me! I am not fitting into my clothes the same, it is moving different, digesting things differently and I felt as though it betrayed me because I didn't fit into the perception of myself I've always had. Which was that I had a "good" body, long, lean, size 4, athletic build...and I am a white woman. This body that fit perfectly into societies standards of beauty. This body that was coined at a young age as what made me attractive from the boys at summer camp that would call me "butterface" (every thing looks good but- her- face), which subconsciously stuck with me until now.

Like all great epiphanies do, this one hit me hard in the face and made me say "What the flying fuck am I doing" out loud to myself. All I could think of was that I don't have time for this shit. The self hate, the comparison, the longing, the frustration. There is a whole world of suffering out there and I am freaking out over weight gain? What followed was: "Loving myself is an Act of Revolution. Self Love is an Act of Rebellion". It clicked. This whole revolution thing is an inside job. Not saying that the external things and community outreach is not important... of course it is! BUT- When you think about how much time you spend thinking about how you look, your value, your worthiness, what others think etc. That is a whole lot of rent taken up in your head and a whole lot of energy not put into things that actually matter.

“All the energy you put into worrying about your looks is taking away from all the energy that you could be putting into your dreams, your life, a cause, and the changes you want to see happen in the world.”

Loving myself is an act of Revolution. Self Love is an act of Rebellion.

This is one of the most powerful messages I have received in this lifetime. Often times when messages come through strong like this one, there is no doubt in my mind someone else needing this message. We are not separate from the whole. We are all a wave in this big damn ocean of consciousness. When I show up embodying who I am, this light radiates to others. Without this constant comparison & search for something to fulfill this "missing piece" (if only I had this, my life would be perfect...then could I finally love myself) the energetic space opens for others to embody themselves too. Am I making sense? Is the message coming in clear?

If this resonates with just one person, my job is done. My healing is your healing, and your healing is my healing. Vulnerability breeds vulnerability.


Greetings, Earthlings.

Traveler. Philosopher. Reader. Artist. Comedian. Witch. Lover of Life. Friend. Dreamer. Doer. 

Welcome to my world, where all is sacred and nothing is really that serious. 

I hope you find what you're looking for.. and if you don't...

then stop looking.

& start being.

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